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OpenLoad - Load Testing Made Easy!
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OpenLoad™ is the industry’s only truly easy-to-use and affordable enterprise Web test tool for automated load and stress testing and performance monitoring. Script-free, enabling you to identify performance bottlenecks and optimize the user experience within minutes.
OpenLoad - Load Testing Made Easy!
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Increase performance and availability of mission-critical Web applications

Load testing increases the uptime of your mission-critical Web applications and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) by helping you identify performance bottlenecks in your systems under large user stress scenarios before they happen in a production environment.

Measure and monitor performance of your e-business infrastructure

Watch your system handle (or not) the load of hundreds or thousands of concurrent users hitting your site before you deploy and launch it for all the world to visit.

Avoid deployment failures by predicting site behavior under large user loads

It is a shame when so much effort is put into rolling out a new Web initiative only to realize that it won't scale after it has been deployed. Avoid Web application deployment failures due to not testing high-load scenarios.

Protect IT investments by predicting scalability and performance

IT projects are expensive. The hardware, the staffing, the consultants, the bandwidth, and more add up quickly. Avoid wasting money on expensive IT resources and ensure that your application will all scale with load testing.

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