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Reduce Bottlenecks, 



Our Professional Services organization enables you to quickly identify cost reduction opportunities that can further fund future initiatives.

OpenLoad™ V7.0 is the industry’s only truly easy-to-use and affordable, browser-based, enterprise functional, load testing and monitoring solution for dynamic Web sites, applications and services. Powered by IBM WebSphere and DB2 Universal Database, OpenLoad™ V7.0 delivers unmatched easeof-use, accuracy and scalability enabling developers, testers and administrators to isolate performance bottlenecks and optimize the user experience within minutes. OpenLoad™ V7.0 substantially minimizes the time and skill set required to optimize the performance of Web-based applications by simplifying the process of building real-world user scenarios, verifying expected functional behavior and pinpointing performance bottlenecks within Web applications and IT infrastructure from both inside and outside the firewall; offering application development and testing teams the ability to perform fast and productive performance optimization of dynamic websites.










Increase Performance


Identify performance bottlenecks in your systems under large user stress scenarios before they happen in a production environment. 

Measure & Monitor


Watch your system handle (or not) the load of hundreds or thousands of concurrent users hitting your site before you launch

Avoid Failure


It is a shame when so much effort is put into rolling out a new Web initiative only to realize that it won't scale after it has been deployed

Protect Investment


IT projects are expensive. Avoid wasting money on expensive IT resources and ensure that your application will all scale with load testing.

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