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"In a time when corporations are consistently challenged with having to do more with less. Our performance optimization solutions enable companies to achieve the maximum business value from any IT investment..."



OpenDemand Systems, Inc. 
Founded in 2000, OpenDemand Systems, Inc. specializes in helping midmarket firms and small departments within large enterprises to quickly uncover opportunities to improve performance, availability and reliability of applications and IT infrastructure in order to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve productivity. Our next generation load testing products and services are built upon a foundation of proven success and customer-driven innovation with a high focus on simplicity and affordability. Some of the world’s leading corporations have selected our solutions to isolate performance bottlenecks and optimize the end user experience, including GlaxoSmithKline, Medtronic Sofamor Danek, PacifiCare and many others. 





OpenDemand's solutions are designed to address a specific need in the market for simple, powerful and affordable testing tools. OpenLoad provides the first viable alternative to high-end commercialload testing tools that are overly priced and complex, and low-end performance testing tools that are largely unsupported and lack the robust feature set required to adequately test today's enterprise-level Web applications.

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