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The family of OpenLoad™ products includes:

Script-Free Automation

OpenLoad Tester V7.0 is the industry’s first easy to use, browser based, performance optimization solution for functional and load testing as well as performance monitoring of dynamic Web applications and services. Powered by IBM Software, OpenLoad Tester V7.0 delivers unprecedented ease of use, accuracy and scalability, while eliminating the need for complex scripting and complicated data analysis.


OpenLoad Tester V7.0 substantially minimizes the time and skill set required to load test and tune the performance of Web based applications and services by simplifying the process of building real-world user scenarios, verifying expected functional behavior through automated regression testing and pinpointing performance bottlenecks within Web applications and IT infrastructure from both inside and outside the firewall; offering application development and testing teams the ability to perform fast and productive performance optimization of enterprise Web applications and services.

OpenLoad Express 

designed for small teams testing Web sites, applications and services with enterprise-level load testing requirements and medium sized workloads; capable of simulating up to 750 virtual users. Pricing starts as low as $4995. 

OpenLoad Advanced 

designed for medium to large size organizations testing Web sites, applications and services with enterprise-level load testing and monitoring requirements and large workloads; capable of simulating 1,000 or more virtual users. 

OpenLoad On Demand

designed for any size organization requiring pay-as-you-go or subscription-based load testing with term licensing options for testing inside and outside the firewall; capable of simulating any number of virtual users. This is a perfect option for System Integrators or software development firms that need to test on a project basis. Pricing starts as low as $495 per rental. 


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