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OpenServices Professional Services offerings include the following

Scalability & Capacity Testing- ​Performance under Load and Stress



Delivers web user traffic load to determine if your web site can handle the spikes in transactions and user load. Validates your applications scalability and user/transaction breaking point.


Tuning and Optimization ​Performance Analysis



Delivers a transaction request/response (“thread”) analysis to pinpoint the causes of performance slowdowns and provides the answers needed to determine what changes must be made to provide the greatest improvement in end-user response times.

Functionality and Compatibility Testing



Verifies that your software applications work correctly and across a variety of Hardware/OS/ Browser clients, network connections and wireless web devices


Technical Documentation

Our technical writers can provide the documentation your Company needs, specifically as it relates to documenting known bugs, issues, release notes, help files, and much more.


Usability Testing



Verifies that your User Interface reflects usability best practices and provides your target audiences an architectural ease of use from both the navigation and content perspective. 



Web Application Performance Testing


OpenDemand’s team of performance testing and tuning experts will help your organization to maximize performance improvements based on your business objectives. Our certified experts have gained practical experience working with both large and small corporations with proven success in business technology outsourcing. The rigor of our systematic approach to outsourced testing provides an objective data driven method for measuring, improving, and achieving best in class application performance, which is essential to creating a positive customer experience.


The speed in our approach and delivery enables organizations to cost-effectively engineer quality into systems and IT-enabled business processes from the beginning of the design throughout the entire life cycle of your application. Test results are delivered in clearly defined business language that any technical or business lead can identify with, and are categorized by key service level criteria, includingperformance, availability, and reliability metrics.


Our rapid approach to optimization of Web application performance delivers:

- Line of Business applications that are aligned with performance expectations 

- Automated processes for measuring and sustaining performance improvements 

- Proven model for providing defect free delivery of any Web based product or service

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